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ABRAN is one of the leading and innovative engineering companies in Iran specialized in designing urban water and wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants, non-revenue for water systems, telemetry systems, waste and sludge treatment.
ABRAN Consulting Engineers root extends back to 1953 when Dr. Ing. Gholam Reza Kuros founded the company under the name of KUROS Consulting Engineers as the first consulting companies in IRAN. After some organizational changes to KUROS consulting engineers, the company continued its professional activities under the name of ABRAN from 1981.
With 10 representative offices in Iran and one office in Republic of Azerbaijan and one office in Iraq, ABRAN currently uses about 150 of most expert engineers and 50 of most skilled technicians.
The company has carried out more than 200 projects during its activity period. Four large separate provincial water master plan studies totally 5.6 million Ha has performed by ABRAN. Also the company has prepared master plan study of a city with population of 1.5 million for 3 design horizons totally 75 years. The company has got experience in study for water utilities telemetry system of a city with population of 1 million and WWTP design for a city with population of 2 million. ABRAN has prepared some technical water codes and laws in Iran.

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