ABRAN Consulting Engineers was founded in 1981.ABRAN is one of IRANIAN largest engineering and project management companies.Over the past 30 years, ABRAN has become trusted by providing exceptional services and technical knowledge across every phase of a project. ABRAN Consulting Engineersâ€?root extends back to 1953 when Mr. Gholam Reza Kuros (Ph.D) founded the company under the name of KUROS Consulting Engineers as the first companies in the field of water and wastewater in IRAN. After some organizational changes to KUROS consulting engineers, the company continued its professional activities under the name of ABRAN.

With 10 representative offices in Iran and two offices in IRAQ, ABRAN uses 150 of most expert engineers and 50 of most skilled technicians in the field of designing and supervising water and sewerage projetcs.

ABRAN is well known as a superior and first-ranked company in IRAN. Officially and legally, the company has the certificate of grade No. 1 in water and wastewater consulting services in Iran.

ABRAN has carried out 3 large provincial water master plan studies in IRAN including Ghazvin, Zanjan and Ardebil provinces from 2008. The studies have performed separately.

ABRAN is preset in TABRIZ city water master plan project for three design age of 25 years. TABRIZ water master plan was first accomplished by KUROS consulting engineers and ABRAN has taken the next two water master plans during the past years. 

ABRAN has carried out SCADA and telemetry of Ardebil province water utilities.  

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